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Shaker ActivLab | 700ml

shaker with the Activlab logo with a capacity of 700 ml

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ActivLab Shaker 700 ml

The Activlab Shaker is ideal for everyday use to consume your sports nutrition drinks.


  • The Original Buchsteiner MixMaster Shaker with screw on lid.
  • Large 700 ml content plus enough space to shake.
  • With an integrated measure directly on the shaker bottle for accurate dosages.
  • The integrated mesh mixing screen avoids lumps and with the integrated spout in the lid you can enjoy the drink right out of the shaker.
  • 100% leak-proof, no matter if the drinks are mixed in milk or water.
  • Easy to clean and dish-washer safe.

The product is sealed, and the use of it is extremely comfortable. High quality shaver Activlab is a functional gadget that should not be missing before, during and after the training, when you need to prepare a conditioner with ultra smooth consistency.

If you only value the convenience of use and practicality, a shaker will be an ideal solution. The product is easy to clean and is also suitable for washing in dishwashers. The packaging of the Activlab shaker is transparent with a clearly marked measuring tape. It also has a special strainer, which in turn allows instant mixing of nutrients in sports.

A functional shaker with the Activlab logo with a capacity of 700 ml. Made of solid and durable material is a great gadget, thanks to which you can quickly and accurately prepare conditioners to obtain a perfectly smooth consistency.

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