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Get all the benefits that creatine has to offer and more with Creatine Malate Check out our wide selection of Creatine Malate products!

Creatine malate is a compound of three creatine molecules bound to a malic acid molecule. Such combination allows you to enjoy maximum benefits from both substances, involved in intracellular energy metabolism.

Creatine is a tripeptide synthesised in the liver which is abundant in tissues with high energy requirements (nervous and muscle tissue). Its phosphorylated form is used in muscle cells for ATP regeneration, especially during anaerobic metabolism (strength training). Due to a high anabolic index, it helps gain lean muscle mass. As an intermediate in the Krebs cycle, malic acid takes part in cellular aerobic respiration which occurs, e.g. during aerobic exercises (running, swimming and cycling).

Creatine malate is simply a combination of creatine and malic acid. Their ratio is 1: 3. As opposed to monohydrate, malate is characterized by greater structural stability and greater resistance to gastric acid (and other digestive enzymes). Creatine malate often appears as: tri-creatine malate, TCM, di-creatine malate.

Supercharge Your Workout Naturally With Creatine

If you’re searching for the key to finding more energy to power through your workouts, creatine powders may offer a solution. Creatine is said to increase your endurance in the short run, providing energy by effectively increasing your body’s supply of ATP – the complex coenzyme that allows energy transfer between cells. Creatine is a natural substance that may help you develop more lean muscle mass while simultaneously supporting faster recovery times after high-intensity exercise. Whether you’re sprinting, lifting weights, or doing burpees, our selection of pure creatine powders may be what you require to speed your muscles along a healthy recovery period.

Tasty Sports Nutrition is Easy with Fast-Acting Creatine

Creatine powders are incredibly easy to take – all you need to do is mix them into your favorite pre-workout smoothie or shake and gulp down for powerful support. Micronized powders stay in suspension longer, so they can be a great choice for anyone looking to sip creatine throughout a workout rather than slamming it all back at once. Our selection of monohydrate creatine powders come unflavored or in an assortment of flavors to boost the appeal. For a deliciously refreshing drink that also helps you achieve your fitness goals explore tasty creatine options like fruit punch, blue raspberry, snow cone, lemonade, lime, cherry, and more!

How Does Creatine Impact ATP Recycling?

Creatine increases your endurance by recycling ATP fast. When you force your muscles into a powerful burst of effort, it breaks down ATP into ADP, which your body slowly recycles into ATP again. Basically, the length of time you can keep up your maximum effort depends on how much ATP you’ve got available. When you run out, you have to wait for it to “recharge” before you’ve got the energy for another all-out effort. However, creatine recycles some of the ADP back into ATP right away, increasing the time before your body runs out of this energy-boosting protein. If you’re worried about using creatine with other medications or health conditions, be sure to consult with your doctor before taking anything


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