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Glutamine is an amino acid produced naturally by the body, for which falls within the group of non-essential or semi-essential amino acids.

L-Glutamine is an amino acid produced naturally by the body, for which falls within the group of non-essential or semi-essential amino acids.

Following the BCAA, Glutamine is one of the most used supplements in sports especially in athletes who perform intense or continuous sports like bodybuilding or endurance. Mainly the glutamine supplements are tablets or soluble powder.

L-Glutamine supports lean mass gains, recovery and immune system function! Get optimal results with glutamine supplements!

Looking to build a strong, Muscular body? Check out the top L-Glutamine and start seeing results!

  • L-Glutamine are the building blocks of protein! Support endurance, recovery and general health with amino acids!
  • Improve your Workouts with L-Glutamine support high intensity exercise and fuel your body!
  • Support your athletic and sports performance with high quality Sports Nutrition supplements!

Why Do Athletes Take Glutamine?

Glutamine is an amino acid plays a very important role in supporting the immune system and boosting the health of the intestines. While glutamine can be produced naturally in the body, studies have suggested the average person might require more glutamine than the body can make. Taking supplements to bridge nutritional gaps might be a great way to add a healthy dose of this amino acid to your routine. Athletes often use glutamine to improve performance, as glutamine to improve muscle gain and decrease soreness. Shop our selection to find the perfect match for needs!

How Is Glutamine Normally Taken?

From post-workout recovery to immune support, the glutamine supplements we carry are formulated to provide body with a healthy dose of this amino acid. Glutamine powder is one of the more popular options, as it can be easily mixed in with a pre or post-workout shake for an added jolt to exercise performance. If you’re looking to take glutamine for immune system, consider tablets or capsules can be taken easily throughout the week. To find an exact match for your needs, use our search filtering tools and discover products that are gluten-free, GMP certified, dairy-free, vegetarian-friendly, and more!

What Other Benefits Does Glutamine Have?

Glutamine play a vital role in intestinal health. This is due to the fact glutamine provides both immune system cells and intestinal cells the energy required to thrive. The support glutamine adds to the digestive system may be useful for preventing bad bacteria from escaping the digestive tract by reinforcing the barrier that exists between the intestines and the rest of the body. Be sure to speak with primary health care provider before taking any supplements if you’re experiencing any severe troubles with digestive system.

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Sizes: 120 Grams, 300 Grams
Flavors: Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch, Unflavored
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