Loyalty Program

Your Level move up prices are coming down! 

Wake Up Body Nutrition is proud to present the new Levels Program. 

Deals frequently? Wake Up Body Nutrition will take care of you even more. 

You probably already know that we add to each order reward points and ScratchCards as part of a campaign of scrapers and winners that allow you to win various benefits and paid. From now on - in addition to reward points and ScratchCards, we allow you to control the amount of discount you receive: order more, get more.

How It Works?

Our new Join now! allows you to enjoy a discount for a period of 30 days based on the volume of your orders. The more you order, the more you will be "promoted" to a new LEVEL and the discount rate you receive will be higher.

The transition from LEVEL to LEVEL is calculated after your order status becomes Sent and not when you make a new order.

Do you think it's complicated? It really is not.

Here is an explanation of the various benefits that come to you according to the level you are currently in.

The order amount is calculated from the moment you make your first order and the benefit is valid for 30 days, during which - if you have exceeded the amount in your current LEVEL, the system will take you to the next LEVEL.

Pay attention! Calculation is only for orders made within 30 days. If 30 days have expired, the amount of your order or previous orders will not be calculated and the system will return you to the original LEVEL (you can still proceed in stages).

Highlights: The system calculates the total amount of your orders every two months. So that LEVEL does not return to 0 but will go up and down between the LEVELS based on your total orders in the last 30 days.

We will send you an e-mail reminder 5 days before your current LEVEL has expired so that you can enjoy the discount and the opportunity to move on to the next LEVEL.

What more?

It is worth to move up levels. Not only you'll get a higher discount, but the higher your LEVEL is, you'll be getting more reward points for each shekel you spent. YES, reward points = money you can buy with it in the store!

Customers associated with LEVEL 2 or above will also receive a larger discount to enjoy, an exclusive offers (not shown to regular customers on the site).

Customers associated with LEVEL 3 or above will receive information about new products that are released to the market (long before other customers) and special prices on those products during the period of their launch.

The Wake Up Body Builder may change the LEVELS settings at any time. There may be a delay of up to 24 hours in updating balances and calculating the LEVEL per customer.

Loyalty program participants have advantages over the others. As a member, you will get access to bigger discounts, top-secret offers, privileges in order management, super fast information sharing and so on. The number of advantages depends on the program status.

Join now!


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