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Benefit from a wide mix of Multivitamin and minerals that support healthy body function and performance

Support your general health and wellness with the top supplements for your active lifestyle!* Build a solid foundation to get results!
Vitamins are very important micronutrients for our body and crucial to the balance of the hormonal, nervous and immunological systemMinerals support normal growth, development and maintain athlete's health and well-being. Depending on physical activity, your body may need certain doses of vitamins and minerals that can be supplied by supplements.

There are known 13 different types of vitamins & Minerals, each of which plays a role. They are classified into two groups: fat-soluble (A, D, E, K) and water-soluble (B, C). Vitamins are essential for good health; without them, some key processes of the organism be disrupted. Dietary supplements of vitamins are indicated in case of reduced dietary intake or increased need of these nutrients. In human food, the most important minerals are 18; together with vitamins, acting on the body as components of enzymes for proper composition of bones and blood and for the maintenance of normal cellular function. Food supplements minerals are indicated in case of reduced dietary intake or increased need of these nutrients.

  • No matter your fitness goal, you need essential vitamins & Minerals to promote the health and function your body’s many complex systems
  • Minerals are nutrients your body needs to function optimally Ensure you’re not missing out by using a mineral supplement!

Vitamins & Minerals Nutritional Facts

Maintenance of good health and metabolic processes needs various nutrients. Calcium is essential for strong bones and teeth. Magnesium converts food into energy and helps in bone density. Chromium is good for glucose levels in the blood as it enhances insulin sensitivity. Iron delivers nutrients and oxygen to all the cells in the body as well as maintaining healthy red blood cells. Vitamin E boosts the cell membranes and Vitamin D maintains normal bone density. Vitamin A strengthens the immune system and Vitamin B promotes brain function.

Who Can Use Multivitamin & Minerals

Lately, multivitamins have been specialized in terms of activity levels, gender, and age. People who do not get enough nutrients from diets alone should consider taking multivitamins. Women who are experiencing menopause need great intake of nutrients especially vitamin D and calcium. This is because less estrogen in the body increases bone loss and so, intake of supplements relieves symptoms like night sweats, hot flushes, and irritability. Athletes have active lifestyle thus require more nutrients for muscle recovery and support during intense workout.

How to Choose The Right Multivitamin & Minerals

There are various things to consider when choosing a multivitamin. Be aware of what you consume and the nutrients that are not available in your diet. Be considerate of existing medical conditions such as high blood pressure, acne, or muscle pain. You can consult with your doctor especially if you are under any other medication. Choose a Multivitamin & Minerals formulas that has a better chance of being absorbed easily. Ensure that the contents on the label are indeed in the product by considering quality.

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