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Keep your fitness goals top priority use convenient shakers and blenders for nutrition shakes and stay hydrated by carrying a water bottle & Pill Box!

Shaker Bottles, Blenders & Pill Box are perfect for mixing protein shakes and other supplement drinks with ease! Perfect when you’re on the go!
Shaker Bottles, Blenders & Pill Box for Supplements and Shakes

We've all been there — you pour your pre-workout powder into a glass, add water and mix it up, only to end up with a clumpy, gritty, undrinkable mess. Shaker bottles take care of that issue, letting you shake, shimmy, and swish your way to smooth shakes, smoothies, and workout supplements. We carry them in a wide range of colors, and with a vast array of logos, so you can show off your personality while you kill it at the gym.

Shaker Bottles, Blenders & Pill Box With Fantastic Features

Almost all of our shaker bottles come with loop tops and whisks; wire balls that help mix your powder with water for a smooth consistency. Even better most are dishwasher safe, so you can clean them quickly and easily. You'll find them here in a wide variety of colors and even themes like Star Wars, WWE, and Marvel Super Heroes for the young and the young at heart. Concerned about the potential dangers of BPA in plastic? We carry an array of products that are free of BPA, phthalates, and more! Find your next shaker bottle by using our search filters to sort your results by health concern, specialty, price, rating, and more!

Why Are Your Shakers BPA-Free?

You’re going to notice a lot of our shakers are made without the use of bisphenol A, also commonly known as BPA. Bisphenol A is a type of plastic used in a wide range of manufacturing purposes. While it is an effective and inexpensive material, some studies suggest it might begin breaking down in certain products, tainting food and drink stored within containers containing BPA. In order to provide safer alternatives, we’ve made sure to only carry bottles that are free of this potentially dangerous chemical.

Reusable Water Bottles Provide Clean Refreshment without Littering

A drink of cool, fresh water when you’re sweating, hot, and breathing hard in the middle of a challenging exercise is a sweet relief. Our selection of high quality, food safe water bottles ensures you get that liquid refreshment without any taint of BPA or other harmful substances. Made to be BPA-free and odor free, these bottles offer hydration support while being tough, rugged, and dependable, difficult or impossible to break thanks to both materials and construction. Designed for ease of use, impact resistance, and durability, they’re the key to healthy drinking and can be used for many years so they don’t contribute to litter or overflowing landfills like conventional disposable water bottles.

Steel vs. Plastic, Wide vs. Narrow Mouth Water Bottles

Which of our water bottles you choose for your personal refreshment depends on the balance you want between weight, toughness, and material. Stainless steel bottles made from T-304 food grade stainless steel minimize your exposure to plastics of any kind (they usually have BPA-free caps) and are very strong for many years of use, but are heavier than other kinds. You can also get BPA-free, phthalate-free plastic bottles which are more lightweight, free of harmful chemicals, and sturdy enough to last for many seasons of use, too. Wide mouth bottles make it easier to clean inside, plus accept ice cubes handily and may fit third party water filters, while narrow mouth bottles lessen the chance of spills and make drinking straight from the bottle easier.

What Are Some Modern Healthy Water Storage Options?

Fresh water that’s been thoroughly filtered for purity, or comes from the clear, cold flow of a local Artesian spring, is a useful resource for the fitness enthusiast or healthy home – and that’s why you need good, large-capacity water bottles for storing it. You need a container that won’t leach chemicals back into the water after you’ve put in the effort to assure its purity. Our selection includes shatter-resistant, permanent water bottles with up to 3 gallon capacity, made from Tritan and other plastics that are BPA-free, phthalate-free, toxin-free, and won’t add a “plasticy” taste or smell to the water even if it’s stored for quite a while. Or you can go straight to stainless steel, which add a contemporary styling flourish along with mostly plastic-free construction, useful features like lever faucets, and a capacity of 2.2 gallons or more.


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