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Benefit from a wide mix of vitamins that support healthy body function and performance

Support your general health and wellness with the top supplements for your active lifestyle!* Build a solid foundation to get results!
Vitamins are very important micronutrients for our body and crucial to the balance of the hormonal, nervous and immunological systemMinerals support normal growth, development and maintain athlete's health and well-being. Depending on physical activity, your body may need certain doses of vitamins and minerals that can be supplied by supplements.

There are known 13 different types of vitamins, each of which plays a role. They are classified into two groups: fat-soluble (A, D, E, K) and water-soluble (B, C). Vitamins are essential for good health; without them, some key processes of the organism be disrupted. Dietary supplements of vitamins are indicated in case of reduced dietary intake or increased need of these nutrients.

  • No matter your fitness goal, you need essential vitamins to promote the health and function your body’s many complex systems. Get your vitamin A, B, C, D, E and more! at Wake Up Body Nutrition!

Supplement the Nutritional Gaps in Your Daily Diet

Vitamins are essential for your body’s everyday functioning. They help support your immune system, digestion, hormone production, mood, and too many other biological processes to mention! Supplementation can help fulfill your daily nutritional needs, especially when you haven’t eaten your very best! Well-rounded nutrition will help you enjoy a balanced, healthy, and energetic life. Whatever your vitamin and mineral needs are, we've got you covered! Some of the basic vitamins and minerals include: Vitamin A which is an antioxidant important for vision; Vitamin C may help ward off colds and other illnesses; Vitamin D is crucial for strong bones but it also provides breast support; Calcium is a bon-building mineral; and the B Vitamins provide a wide range of benefits including energy, cardiovascular, and brain support, to name a few.

Who Needs Vitamin Supplementation & Why?

Considering how heavily most foods are processed nowadays, just about everyone could use at least a good multivitamin to make sure they’re getting all the trace nutrients they need daily. Men, women, and children can all benefit from a once daily multivitamin and mineral formula. There are lots of people who could use a little extra support, too. If you’re really aiming for tip-top wellness, whole food multivitamins deliver maximum nutrition because their natural enzymes and complex nutrients cause slow – and more thorough – absorption. Expectant moms and their babies can benefit from pre-natal vitamins, older folks can use the extra support from heart health multiples and senior multiples, and growing youngsters will actually want to take great tasting children’s formulas, especially the gummy vitamins!

Did You Know that Vitamin Deficiencies are Common?

Eating a whole food diet provides a much better chance of covering all nutrient bases, but typical diets often leave us with critical gaps in our vitamin nutrition. Even on our cleanest-eating days, we might still not achieve all our daily requirements for nutrition. Knowing what these common deficiencies are helps you zero in on the supplements to take for better wellness. Vitamin D formulas help keep your calcium levels right for strong, healthy bones. Among mineral supplements, potassium, such as potassium gluconate, help support the nerves, blood pressure, and your body’s acidity levels within healthy ranges. Young women often need more vitamin B9 – folic acid or folate – than they get in their diet, but a good supplement helps treat this deficiency handily.


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