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Swanson Health Products is the Best value on vitamins, supplements, organic food and more!

Swanson is driven by their pledge to provide the world's finest dietary supplements. This brand has a full lineup of dietary supplements aimed at improving one's health and quality of life.

It began with Leland Swanson, who had a passion for golf. In the late 1950s, Leland began to feel the symptoms of arthritis setting in. Not wanting arthritis to stop him from enjoying golf, he took his time reading books on arthritis and general wellness, attended lectures, and had some talks with other health-conscious people. This was also when he started supplementing with Vitamin E to improve his health.

Having experienced the health-boosting effects of vitamin E, he ordered 5,000 vitamin E capsules from an Ohio manufacturer and started promoting them to consumers through the mail. He gradually added more nutritional supplements, until such time that he was already sending out small catalogs to potential customers. In 1969, Swanson Health Products was officially in business

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