Syntrax product line, an all-encompassing variety of Best-quality protein powders and dietary supplements in the Sports Nutrition, Health and Medical markets.

SI03: Syntrax has a reputation for using top-quality ingredients and producing the best-tasting products in the industry. With no equal in product potency or efficacy, Syntrax is an all-around value that is impossible to beat.
  • Syntrax brings you innovative and great tasting premium supplements at a competitive price. A perfect choice for the adult consumer that expects top quality.
  • Syntrax offers a wide range of great tasting protein powders so you can enjoy flavours beyond the standard choices of strawberry, chocolate or vanilla...
  • Syntrax is your leading source of great-tasting, high-performance and reasonably priced supplements.

Syntrax Protein Isolates Are Unbelievably Tasty

Fruit juice flavored whey protein isolate, 100% herbal extract fat burners, and other high quality and imaginative products are king at Syntrax. The company puts a lot of thought not only into being different, but being different in a uniquely health-building, all-natural way. Their protein drinks, some of their most popular items, are formulated to have both savory, refreshing taste and tons of fat-free, carb-free protein. Syntrax makes top quality natural ingredients and rigorous fitness science meet in each of their products.

Health-Boosting Natural Quality is Assured by Syntrax Standards

Every herb or protein that finds its way into Syntrax’s healthy workout supplements is chosen because it was grown to precise standards. Though the herbs, whey, and other components come from four continents, the heart of the company’s operations is in North America. Here, research is carried out, formulas are developed and tested, then put into production under top-grade quality control. The company is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified, and is moving on into the future with the same dedication.

How Syntrax Works to Develop New Nutritional Supplements to Increase Health

Innovation is the watchword with the research efforts of Syntrax. They’re always looking for new ways to help people become healthier and stronger. Dozens of new projects are in the research pipeline at any given time as experienced nutrition scientists and herbalists work on fresh approaches to fitness. It’s also their signature that everything they make is incredibly delicious, with fruit and berry flavors which actually make it pleasant to take their protein products

Syntrax Nectar - 907g
Syntrax Matrix Protein M5 - Whey Protein Powder Blend
Save 35%
Syntrax Matrix - 2270g
199.99  129.99 
Syntrax Super Glu - 500g
2 in1 Stainless Steel Water Bottle + Shaker Cup Liter | Syntrax AeroBottle
Save 60%
49.99  19.99 
Syntrax Matrix (M2) - 908g | Whey Protein Powder Blend
Save 40%
Syntrax Matrix - 908g
99.99  59.99 
Syntrax Matrix Amino - 30 Servings
Syntrax Amino-Tor - 30 Servings
Syntrax Matrix Protein - Whey Protein Powder Blend
Save 35%
Syntrax Matrix - 2270g
199.99  129.99 
Sizes: 908 Grams, 2.27 Kilograms
Flavors: Banana Cream, Cookies & Cream, Milk Chocolate, Mint Cookie, Orange Cream, Peanut butter Cookie, Perfect Chocolate, Simply Vanilla, Strawberry Cream
Syntrax Trophix Protein T5 Whey - Protein Powder Blend
Save 40%
Syntrax Trophix - 2280g
199.99  119.99 
Syntrax Nectar Naturals - 1130g
Syntrax Nectar Lattes - 907g